What is Choose Erie?

Choose Erie is Erie County’s lead business attraction team led by the Erie County Economic Development Department, connecting the region’s economic development professionals with business owners and site selectors interested in locating a business in an affordable, livable, and vibrant region.

What services do we provide?

Choose Erie works to provide information and resources to aid investors in their location search process and, ultimately, to tailor economic development packages to make a relocation to or expansion in the Erie region seamless and affordable. Learn More

How is it funded?

Choose Erie is funded by Erie County government.

What is the organizational structure of Choose Erie?

Choose Erie is the business attraction arm of the Erie County government and central point of cooperation among all of Erie's economic development entities.  Choose Erie is supported by local municipalities, the region’s top companies, and the local authorities and lenders prepared to help finance a company in search of growth/relocation funding.